This Spaghetti Looks Good Enough to Eat

By , July 27, 2011

I can imagine this sitting in front of a garden wall with a beautifully trained vine growing next to it, repeating the flow of the wood. Magic!

Pablo Reinoso is a French-Argentine artist and designer and has lived and worked in Paris since 1979.  His work is currently being featured at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London.  The gallery describes the exhibition in this way: “Nature overcomes inanimate objects, resurrecting life and philosophical thought into everyday items.”  Reinoso’s multicultural background ignites his interest in finding the links between different cultures.   His work is acutely linked to the human condition, “All his works radiate strong human feelings, like traces of people that have been made visible,” Juliette Faliu, Malakoff, June 2003.

Reinoso’s latest piece, Spaghetti Bench (pictured above), hopes to inspire emotion and memory with each observer.  He says, “Everyone has sat on a bench like this, some have been kissed on one, other have waited for their kid on one, they are common to everybody.”

Here is another bench made out of steel

Wouldn’t this be wonderful on the estate I am working on in Woodside?   What do you say, Woodside?

Take a moment to visit the Carpenters Workshop Gallery online.   Take a look at some of the other artists represented there as well, including Ingrid Donat.  I have been following her for several years.  She creates exquisite bronze tables and terrific lamps.  I want a table from her NOW!

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