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Love and Succulents

By , November 10, 2009

To me, a home isn’t complete unless it has some greenery. Interesting containers filled with even more interesting plants and/or floral arrangements softens a look and brings an organic element into any room. Few plants are as varied and well-suited  for multiple environments as succulents are. They are also exceptionally hardy, which is wonderful if you don’t consider yourself of the green thumbed variety.

In every gorgeous, glossy magazine I am seeing images or articles about succulents. It’s for good reason! They are so versatile and can inhabit just about anything they are planted in, allowing you to stretch your imagination and get creative. Most people think of them only as outdoor plants but look at how beautiful  and modern they are nestled amongst crystals in this giant clam shell!


Here is another view:


Embellishing your plants with a few well-chosen stones, shells or gems gives them an elegant edge. I can always find  gorgeous and unique crystals, containers and accessories for my plants at the Living Green Showroom in San Francisco.

 What I love most about succulents is their many shades of green and amazing textures. When combined together, the sweep of texture and colors adds a remarkable sense of the lusciousness of nature that you can use indoors.


They also make  thoughtful gifts. With so much going on in everyone’s lives, many people are returning to the art of giving gifts from the heart instead of from the mall. Potted succulent gardens are such a great way to let someone know you are thinking of them. They add a hint of drama that will grow and change for many years.


Their frequent use in high end and contemporary homes shows that they hold their own in luxury minimalist enviroments as easily as they do in eccentric, colorful interiors. As they require such minimal care, they are also perfect for eco-friendly homeowners!



And last but not least, here is the wonderful use of succulents as wall art! 


Above, Flora Grubb of Flora Grubb Gardens, has created a vertical garden of a variety of succulents that can, when properly conceived, resemble a remarkable painting.  Way to grow, Flora!

I’m hoping that you may be inspired to create your own little indoor succulents gardens.

Warm Regards,


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