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New Indian Chic

By , June 5, 2008

A book I am currently enjoying is India Contemporary by Henry Wilson. India, with its fast rising economy and burgeoning middle class, has developed a breadth of design styles, retaining its history of arts and crafts while embracing modernity.

New Indian Chic 1

The traditional jali or pierced screen used on windows is reimagined in an ingenious “bamboo” pattern and fabricated of metalwork.

Always deeply creative in its arts, the new designs fast forward the tribal traditions to the present.

New Indian Chic 2

Here a courtyard is painted by a Madhubani tribal artist, taking ancient folk art and adapting it for today…

New Indian Chic 3

…the same tradition is made glamorous in a gold-leafed mural in this entrance.

India was never shy with its colors. As Diana Vreeland famously said, “Pink is India’s navy blue”. Rich and wonderful color combinations enliven the designs of everything from India.

New Indian Chic 4

A balcao (covered walkway) in Goa is perfectly charming due to its colors and lush greenery.

New Indian Chic 5

A very striking modern home made of concrete, stone and wood consciously focuses on indigenous contemporary arts.


Here, traditional black and white herringbone tile floors, classic furnishings in neutral colors, and old wooden doors from a private prayer room create a bold and modern look.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why the country has been known as “Mother India”, its very nature is one of creativity and a great valuing of the arts.

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