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Design Value of the Week

By , January 12, 2010

As predicted, I’ve already received several auction catalogues this week.  Here is an item from  Bonham’s London “Period Design sale that happened earlier this week.    


Lot No: 336  A 19th century Anglo-Indian teak, bone inlaid and brass travelling writing / dressing box, the hinged lid enclosing a fitted interior including a mirror and hidden secret drawers, distressed(18.5″ wide, 9.5″ deep, 6.5″ high). 

This is listed at $750-1200, with fees.  Remember what we talked about in the last post? “The hammer price is not the price you pay”.   There are always those pesky fees added. And don’t forget customs and shipping.   Guessing that the New Year auction prices will be as soft generally soft as last years,   my estimate for it would have been at the low end of the scale.   Anglo-Indian items are still very hot, but it just sold for $550,including fees.   Still, in a lovely retail environment, the cost would be around $3500.  See what I mean about great values?

Domestically, Bonhams has an item in the New York “American Furniture” sale coming up in late January that I am dreaming about using  to create an  amazing guestroom.                                                                                                                                                                                                          



Lot #  1213:      An American Aesthetic inlaid and ebonized cherrywood bedroom suite
Herter Brothers, New York  circa 1880

OMG!  This is exceptional.  Herter Brothers pieces rarely come on the market.  Their work is in major collections in Europe and the US, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Imagine it in a bright white bedroom, painted white floors, with bedding and curtains of the finest, pure white, 100%  Italian linen.  A pure white, Barcelona leather chair and ottoman would be by the fireplace and white lacquered nightstands would complete the set.  The final touch would be overscaled heavily carved giltwood 18th c.  mirror over the fireplace, and, while we are dreaming,  a set of Franz Kline  paintings. A serene and stunning heaven would be the outcome. 

Given the estimated hammer price of $20-30,000,  this suite would be at least $95,000 in a gallery setting.  If this goes at the low end and you complete the design, you’d have a very chic, million dollar look for a small fraction of that.  At least you could make a down payment on the Franz Kline with the money you saved at auction!

If you need a single room done, I’d suggest you keep an open mind and start watching the auctions.  You’ll come up with something you never would have dreamed of and feel very proud of yourself for your smart thriftiness and your contribution to sustainable design!

Art Underfoot

By , September 8, 2009

I am interested in products that are created using new technologies but that still have strong ties to the traditional origins of the craft. I love it when the product has a contemporary edge, yet still retains the warmth and refined sensibility of the classics. Looking at the latest Italian Architectural Digest, I noticed an unusual hardwood floor inlaid with marble.  Continue reading 'Art Underfoot'»

Joyful Clients

By , May 13, 2008

As a professional designer, I’d like to say something about clients.

Where would we be without them? I consider my profession as a residential designer to be one of an artist, one who can only create art when it is commissioned by someone else. (The rare exception is doing small bits in my own home.) So, without clients I would not be able to produce exquisitely beautiful interiors that you see below.

Media room Before

Media room Before

Media Room After

Media Room After

Nor would I be able to push myself as an artist to keep one step ahead of trends, to combine things in an unusual way, or to search out that unusual object that makes the rest of the room just sing.

Terrace in black and white

Terrace in black and white

Nothing is as gratifying as when, after years of hard work, paying excruciating attention to details and struggling to stay on budget, we install a new home and the clients and their families are truly delighted with the results. The joy and the gratitude that the clients express when we have exceeded their dreams and expectations is what keeps me and my team inspired to serve the next client with a true dedication to perfection.

Master bedroom sitting room

Master bedroom sitting room

Over the years, I have received amazing letter and emails from clients who simply cannot believe how beautiful their home is. I keep a file of “love notes” from them, and when we are struggling with a gritty detail on a particular project, I pull out that file to reread some of the notes. In them are words like “gorgeous” “majestic” “charming” “thoughtful design” “works of art” “exceptionally beautiful” and my personal favorite, “great job…well done!” Ah, yes. It makes it all so worthwhile and keeps us digging away in the design trenches to create another beautiful home that contributes to the happiness of that particular family.

Master bedroom in browns and ivory

Master bedroom in browns and ivory

A special thank you to all my clients who have given me the opportunity to create real beauty and joy for them in their homes. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to do the work I love!

All the best to you,


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